Bitcoin miners earned $ 580,000 per day on transaction fees 
In general, the miners of the first cryptocurrency earned on commissions 8 times more than in all other digital assets combined. These are the data of the digital rating rating OnChainFx analytical company of 10 May. 

So, Ethereum miners received $ 68,000 from commissions, or 88% less bitcoin miners. The next Litecoin asset is $ 1,100. The aggregate amount of commissions paid by Lisk, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Dash, XRP, Dogecoin and Ethereum Classic users was less than $ 1,500. 

As analysts say, as the size of the rewards for commission blocks decreases, they will become an important incentive for attracting miners to the network, performing an important function to ensure the safety of the bitcoin blockchain. Many other cryptocurrencies, however, adhere to a different management model, which in their case makes the maximum reduction of commissions a key factor.