Evidence has been published of the possible preparation of eBay for the integration of crypto-payments.
One of the world's largest eBay online trading sites can add support for virtual currencies. This is the message from the advertising banner for the Consensus 2019 crypto conference that starts today in New York. EBay is sponsoring the conference along with Deloitte, IBM, Microsoft, Citi, AWS and other companies. 

Photos of the banner hit the network before the official start of the event. “Virtual currencies. This will come true on eBay, ”reads the inscription on one side of the banner. “Reach 179 million active buyers of the largest marketplace in the world,” on the other. 

Evidence of the possibility of adding support for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies on such a large platform has traditionally caused an active discussion in the community. Probably, the corresponding option, if it is still implemented, will be implemented through the mediation of one of the existing processing services. 

Although information on the integration of crypto payments on eBay, as well as possible cooperation, remains at the level of speculation, this event can be quite remarkable, especially considering the position of another company from a related industry. PayPal Chief Financial Officer John Rainey said last week that it’s premature to talk about the implementation of payment mechanisms based on cryptocurrency.