Tether launches USDT on Tron blockchain 
The top ten USDT were released on the Tron blockchain. The head of the blockchain platform, Justin Sun, called this on Twitter “a huge achievement for Tron,” and invited the exchanges and wallets to support the initiative. 

18 cryptocurrency services agreed to add support for USDT-TRON. Including stock exchanges: Bitfinex, OKEx, Gate.io, Huobi, and also owned by the last wallet Huobi Wallet. 

“USDT without high commissions for miners and with super-fast transactions is much better than USDT on the Omni protocol,” commented Huobi Wallet. 

In a manner peculiar to him, San announced his intention to reward the early holders of USDT-TRON 20 million USDT within 100 days. The awards will be distributed in the form of additional interest payments for converting USDT on Bitcoin or Ethereum blockchains in the USDT of TRC20 standard. 

Earlier, San expressed particular hopes for the prospects of the Tron ecosystem with the emergence of the stablecoin USDT in it.