Facebook can raise up to $ 1 billion to secure its stablecoin 
The author of the first Bitcoin book “Digital Gold” and the journalist of The New York Times Nathaniel Popper reported this on the eve. He said that Facebook is looking for venture investors who are ready to finance its stablecoin for up to $ 1 billion. The journalist refers to sources familiar with the situation. 

According to Popper, attracting investors from outside will allow Facebook to position its project as “more decentralized and less controlled by the company”. He noted that the stablecoin of the first social network can use, we quote: “one of the main attractive features of the blockchain”. 

"One of those with whom I had the opportunity to talk, said that Facebook is negotiating the use of this money as collateral for their cryptocurrency tied to a basket of foreign currencies that will be in bank accounts," writes Nathaniel Popper. 

Bloomberg wrote about the likely development of Facebook Coin in December last year. According to the publication, the tool will be used to make money transfers in the social network-owned messenger WhatsApp. 

In February, The New York Times reported that stablebcoin will be integrated into Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram applications. According to an anonymous source, Facebook hired 50 developers to implement its plan and is already negotiating with cryptocurrency exchanges regarding the potential listing.