In the first quarter of the year, $ 1.6 billion went through applications of the Tron network
The number of application users has exceeded 432 thousand people. Most of the decentralized applications of Tron - 64% - turned out to be associated with online gambling. In March of this year, applications on the Tron blockchain installed a new maximum for the volume of operations. For one day on March 15, transactions for $ 102 million went through them. For EOS, this indicator was $ 16 million, and for Ethereum - $ 4 million.

The share of blockchain casinos in the Tron network for the first quarter of the year is 27%. Another 36% are recognized as “high-risk” gambling. On the Ethereum network, applications from both categories account for 37%.

Although in March the Tron Foundation released an official appeal to the developers asking them not to promote gambling applications in Japan, as part of the Tron Accelerator event held in December 2018, the creators of several Dapp from this category were offered a reward of $ 10,000 paid in a Tether steklokoin. A spokesman for Tron said it was a personal initiative by Justin San’s founder.

However, the Dapp Review portal, which prepared the report, does not recommend taking data from the Tron blockchain seriously.

“In fact, most accounts are fake. If we talk about the future, Ethereum has a greater potential, as more people are engaged in developing standards for tokens and other infrastructure for it, ”said the company analysts.