Visa is looking for a manager for its new crypto division
The American payment corporation Visa forms a team whose work will be in one way or another connected with cryptocurrencies. This is evidenced by the vacancy posted by the company on the site In it, Visa offers potential candidates to try out as a technical product manager within the framework of the VISA Crypto Team.

“As the Visa crypto team product manager, the employee will be responsible for implementing the Visa strategy in the cryptocurrency ecosystem,” the publication says.

The candidate requirements include deep knowledge of blockchains with limited access, connections with experts in the cryptocurrency and fintech space, and an understanding of how digital assets can change existing payment systems.

“The candidate must have significant functional knowledge of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and the players involved in it, including a deep understanding of blockchains with limited access, and a deep understanding of existing solutions in the field of retail payments,” the company writes. Knowledge of advanced cryptography will be a plus for applicants for the position.

The duties of the VISA Crypto Team Manager are related to “managing strategy and roadmap in cryptocurrency-related capabilities”, “monitoring advanced technologies, especially those based on open source principles, and integrating them into Visa’s own solutions”, as well as working with third-party companies to providing a full experience of using payment system products.

At the end of last year, it became aware of the acquisition by Visa of London-based financial company Earthport Plc, which uses the Ripple protocol in its payment network in order to increase the efficiency of transactions.