Facebook negotiates with the stock exchanges about listing its stablecoin
The largest social network is working on creating its own cryptocurrency. Facebook uses it to send instant transfers to WhatsApp. Insider Information disclosed The New York Times, citing five anonymous sources. The publication notes a high level of secrecy of the project.

Now the Facebook project has reached the stage at which the social network is in talks with cryptocurrency exchanges regarding the sale of Facebook Coin. This statement was published by The New York Times. According to sources, employees of Facebook told the exchanges that they expect to launch their product in the first half of the year.

In December 2018, Bloomberg wrote that Facebook will develop a steakblokin, focused on WhatsApp users. The New York Times in today's publication specifies that "Facebook plans to peg the value of the coin to a basket of various foreign currencies, and not to just one dollar."

“Facebook can guarantee the value of a coin by providing each of them with a fixed amount of dollars, euros and other national currencies in Facebook bank accounts,” adds the publication.