Start-up Stably launches the first USD-stablecoin on the Binance Chain blockchain
Following its own Binance GBP Stable Coin, also launched on June 3, the first USD-stablecoin appears inside Binance Chain. It is emitted by a startup Stably. Token received name USDS.B. This is a token of its own standard Binance BEP2 and a variation of USD linked stablecoin USDS, which Stably launched at the end of last year. 

“I believe that Binance Chain attracts projects with its safety, speed and ease of operation. Binance Chain users retain control of their private keys and assets and can trade from a Binance DEX wallet”, — commented today's announcement by Binance CEO Changpen Zhao. 

Stably released and immediately moved to storage and froze 90 billion USDS.B. This was done to enable the conversion of some stable coins into others. USDS users themselves will be able to change tokens between versions on the Ethereum and Binance Chain blockchains. ERC20 tokens will be burned in this case, BEP2 tokens will be thawed. Also, the first USDS.B will be issued. 

It is not known when USDS.B will be available on Binance DEX, however, Stably notes that today's move opens up the possibility for him to apply for an asset listing.