Telegram introduced a simplified version of the TON test network client
Telegram released the test client of the Telegram Open Network in one of the sections of the site 

According to the Readme file, the submitted client is a “pre-release version” of the final product. The release of the final or most current version of Telegram does not implement, the document says. Instead, the site contains a “simplified stable version containing only the necessary files for compiling the Lite client”. The archive also contains the TON blockchain library. 

The test client allows users to create simple smart contracts for TON wallets and run them by connecting to a dedicated server. In addition, users can audit existing smart contracts, transfer messages to them and perform other functions, the publication says. 

On May 25, one of the users uploaded a variation of the TON client on GitHub. According to the accompanying documentation, in the case of correct settings, the client connects to the full node of the TON blockchain and sends requests to it. 

In April, it became known about the expected start of the closed testing of the TON blockchain.