BitTorrent intends to launch the largest decentralized file storage system 
So said on the eve of Justin Sun - the founder of the blockchain project TRON and the owner of the developer of the peer-to-peer data exchange protocol BitTorrent. In his Twitter, he wrote about the work on: “the next generation decentralized file storage system”. 

According to Sana, BitTorrent File System or BTFS will become: “the largest decentralized peer-to-peer file storage system.” It is expected that the number of BitTorrent user nodes in the BTFS system will be about 100 million, TRON full nodes - more than 1,000, and super representative representatives (SR) nodes - 27. Also, TronGrid cloud nodes will be present in the system. 

Other technical details of the announced project are currently unknown. According to the publication, BTFS will become the “founding platform for decentralized applications.” 
The launch of BTFS will take place on May 30th Pacific time. 

In March, BitTorrent developers announced a streaming service with blockchain support.