Belarusian blockchainers proposed a new voting format for Eurovision 
Alexander Lobzen, a member of the Council of the Belarusian Blockchain Association, invited the Eurovision Director to conduct an open voting of the contest using the blockchain. 

Our colleagues from the Belarusian Blockchain Association proposed to change the platform for voting in the Eurovision-2019 contest. According to the member of the Council of the Association, Alexander Lozbenya, the judging of Eurovision should be as transparent as possible. Such conditions can provide a blockchain platform. With this proposal, Alexander addressed the competition director, John Ola Sand. 

Increased attention to Eurovision is due not only to the entertainment of the competition, but also to disputes around its results. The introduction of distributed registry technology and cryptographic tools would allow to solve the problem of voting transparency forever. 

Among the platforms for voting, the company Lozben offers the blockchains Ethereum and EOS. 

“We are considering several options, but this will depend on the reaction from Eurovision. Naturally, the voting system is easier to integrate into existing solutions, ”said Alexander Lozben. 

At the same time, the company undertakes all the costs of implementing the initiative.