Sponsored by Yahoo! Japanese crypto exchange Taotao will start in May
The Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Taotao, 40% of which belongs to a division of Yahoo! Japan will start trading in a limited number of cryptocurrency pairs in May. Initially, users will have access to Bitcoin and Ethereum trading, as well as the ability to open margin positions on Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and XRP.

For the first time, Yahoo! Japan on entering the cryptocurrency business became known in March 2018. Then the company announced that it would buy a share in the exchange through its division of YJFX. According to sources, this transaction could cost IT corporations about 2 billion yen ($ 19 million). Taotao was previously licensed by Japanese regulators to service cryptocurrency trading.

Recently, information appeared about the plans of the Japanese authorities to limit the size of the leverage in the margin trading of digital assets to x4.

In the middle of last year, Yahoo Finance users were able to trade cryptocurrencies through the infrastructure of the Coinbase exchange.