CBR will limit investments by unqualified crypto investors
The Central Bank intends to limit the possibility of buying cryptocurrency assets by unqualified investors within a certain amount. So writes RBC with reference to the draft instructions of the Central Bank to the draft law on digital financial assets.

The maximum amount of investment will be set separately. According to Anatoly Aksakov, head of the State Duma Committee on Financial Market, this threshold can be determined in accordance with the crowdfunding bill. Its provisions provide for a maximum limit for such investors at 600,000 rubles per year.

The amount of investments of an individual investor will be determined by the following features: the amount of money transferred as payment; total value of digital assets that are exchanged; as well as the cost of cryptocurrencies transferred in exchange, which can be issued within the framework of the law being prepared.

Investors will be given the opportunity to purchase digital assets of Russian companies without the involvement of intermediaries represented by professional market participants. However, banks, depositories and exchanges that will be entrusted with the task of maintaining distributed registries will have to record all transactions and share with each other data on the amount of investments of unqualified investors.