Adena Friedman: cryptocurrencies deserve a future in economics
So said the head of the US Stock Exchange Nasdaq, one of three similar sites in the country. In a publication on LinkedIn, she stated, we quote: “cryptocurrencies deserve to be given an opportunity to find a reliable future in our economy.” The post on the social network appeared on the eve of Adena's speech at the World Economic Forum.

Friedman believes that cryptocurrencies demonstrate the genius of the invention and the ideological potential. She notes the attitude to breakthrough inventions in society - the classic path from the first followers who were interested in cryptography and economics, then to the hype, marked by the entry of new participants into the market, and the “dose of reality” that they all had to face later.

The head of the Nasdaq gave her assessment of the situation. According to her, now cryptocurrencies are at a crossroads. They can continue to develop in two directions: either innovations will find practical application, followed by years of stable commercial progress and integration into the economy, or the invention will fail in the context of wider distribution and commercial application.

In any case, Adena Friedman is confident that turning a cryptocurrency into a valuable invention from a practical point of view will require, we quote: "managerial and regulatory clarity." At the same time, these two factors: “are directly opposed to the original idea of ​​a decentralized and uncontrollable global currency”.