Regulation is the key to the security of cryptocurrency investors
So said the Fortune twins Cameron and Tyler Winkloss - owners of the Gemini site and popular opinion leaders in the crypto community. An interview about the future of the market and the role of Bitcoin as a crypto-gold standard took place just a week after the ambiguous advertising campaign of the Gemini exchange in New York, held under the slogan “Crypt need rules.”

Companies operating with Bitcoin and digital assets should apply sound regulation that would not inhibit innovation. People believe in the dream of cryptocurrency, but they do not know how to interact with them without burning through. This thesis was proposed by the twins.

Then we are talking about stablecoins - tied one to one to the dollar of digital money. They can be used to pay dividends when working with tokenized securities. Also, due to the fact that 60% of hundred dollar bills are circulated outside the United States, steyblecoins may act as substitutes for the “dollar on the blockchain.” They can be used for calculations in cryptocurrency services. Also, token dollars can simplify transactions with reserve currencies.

The brothers also mentioned the divisibility and interchangeability of coins in the Bitcoin network. In their opinion, this indicates the ability of cryptocurrency to replace gold in the future. “The only advantage of gold over Bitcoin is a three-thousand-year-old handicap,” he added.