Blockchain is twice as often used for the security of the Internet of Things
Distributed registry is increasingly used to ensure the security of data, services and devices on the Internet of things. Gemalto's survey says: despite legal uncertainty and lack of regulation, the use of blockchain in IoT distribution will increase from 9% to 19% in 2018.

Gemalto surveyed 950 technology and business professionals worldwide. 23% of respondents consider the blockchain as the “ideal” solution for ensuring the security of IoT devices. 91% of companies do not use blockchain, allows for the possibility of its integration.

Obviously, they collect and store data. However, when working with the blockchain, they need clear guidance. Accordingly, they must exert pressure on the authorities in order to induce them to action. This is how Gemalto’s technical data protection director Jason Hart sees the situation.

In general, the development of technology blockchain remains at a very early stage. In a commercial cybersek, 71% of respondents prefer to encrypt data, 66% use password-based methods, and 38% use two-factor authentication. In addition, half of the companies do not have the ability to use IoT devices, and 95% insist that security and regulation methods require standardization.